DAVE SENIOR’S BOATING TIPS: getting the most out of your AC and prolong its life

Dave Gillen Sr

How do you get the most out of your AC and prolong its life?
The key is flushing your system before it reaches the critical stage and keeping your air handlers clean.

In another scenario, a vessel anchored in deep water verses one tied behind a house in a canal with little water movement will not have the same flushing frequency. The salinity of the water, marine growth, and water temperature all have direct implications on the needs and frequency for the flushing of your AC system. This is where an ElectoSea CLEARLINE system becomes beneficial. With the CLEARLINE System, your pipes stay clean, strainers require less maintenance, and you’ll never have to acid descale again.

Customer flushing needs vary greatly, some requiring as little as annual servicing while others flush as routinely as once a month. In those cases Gillen Yacht Services often installs a quick disconnect that allows the customer greater ease and access to perform this function.

Keeping your system routinely flushed prevents compressors from getting overheated which is the component that has the highest incidence of significant failure and the most cost.
Cleaning of the air handlers should occur at least annually. Often times it is as simple as cleaning or replacing a filter at the front of the unit. Depending on the installation this job can be quite difficult but should not be ignored. In the absence of a serviceable filter, the air handler fins may require cleaning with a chemical solution. Ignoring this important service item can result in a significant reduction of airflow or causing the unit to freeze.

Gillen Yacht Services specialized AC department can perform all these services or demonstrate to you or your crew how to perform these tasks. Call Us for all your AC needs.